VIP Basketball Single

VIP Basketball Single is our professional service that can help you raise your income from basketball betting and become the best gambler you can be. That's a paid service created by the tipsters we work with on a daily basis. They are highly skilled and knowledgeable, enjoying an excellent success rate and making hundreds of customers happy.

Basketball is undoubtedly one of the most exciting sports on the planet. And one of the most loved by the fans, too. That's the main reason why our team at LeyBet created this service. Since the beginning, we knew that we couldn't make any compromises with the quality of the service - if we are going to do it, we will work only with the best tipsters available.

And we did it. Slow and steady, we gathered a fabulous team of basketball experts who also make their living as tipsters. These people know the game and its slightest details, and they are aware of the challenges that the gambling industry offers us daily.

Each one of the tips is created after days of deep researching into the matter and taking into account all critical factors that matter - the form of the teams, their missing players, past meetings with the opponent, etc. With time, we understood that every tiny detail could be decisive in basketball, especially when the teams in question have a similar quality.

Basketball is not a simple game, so we knew we need some real experts in our team of tipsters. We have former pundits and journalists who now work in this field. We have former players and people who just love the game and want to know every tiny detail about it. And we have young but enthusiastic tipsters who are getting better week after week because of their effort and consistency. The main thing that matters to us is efficiency and success rate.

VIP Basketball Single is one of the best services of this kind you can find on the web, so every tip we give you is double-checked by our team. We believe that trust is earned with just one thing - results. And that's the reason why increasing your winning percent is our primary goal because we want to grow alongside you. That's the only way.