Hello again to our tennis predictions!

Hello again to our tennis predictions! Today we will talk about the upcoming US Open and what we can expect from Rafael Nadal – the 22-time Grand Slam winner.

2022 has been more than successful for Nadal so far. He already won two Grand Slam competitions – in Melbourne and Paris, while he also reached the Wimbledon 1/2-finals but had to withdraw because of an injury.

Rafael Nadal’s fans were worried because his injury didn’t allow him to play in any other tournament after Wimbledon. Some thought he could also miss the US Open or not be one hundred percent ready for it. But the news is good – on social media Nadal announced that he would play in Cincinnati, making his return in action.

This way, the world number 4 made a significant hint – he’s recovered now, and we should expect to see him one hundred percent ready for US Open.

What troubles the Matador is his abdomen, where he has been suffering from a lot of pain lately. We expected to see him back in action in Montreal, but he wasn’t ready to return to court this quick.

During his glorious career, Rafa Nadal has won US Open four times. For the last time, he did it in 2019 when he beat Daniil Medvedev in the final. Despite being 36 years old, the Spaniard proved he’s still deadly when in peak form this year. The possible absence of Novak Djokovic in New York also increases his chances of winning the US Open for the 5th time – something that would mean a 23rd Grand Slam title.

These are our tennis predictions for the upcoming US Open in New York. All tennis fans hope to see the legendary Rafael Nadal back in his peak form. It would be a massive thing to see – a player that dominates the court in such a way while 36 years old.